Friendship Machinery is a world leader in automatic welding machine for steel fabrication field and industrial pipeline construction projects, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.

       Year after year, automatic welding systems from Friendship Machinery are designed, tested, used, and continuously upgraded in every type of environment. Our customers enjoy industry-leading repair rates that are constantly improving: from less than 5% in 2001 to less than 2% in 2012.

       The performance record of our specially designed and manufactured automatic welding machine is the backbone of Friendship Machinery's reputation. The proven ability of every set machine is why customers have returned to us repeatedly for new applications, designs and machinery as their products change and expand. We are proud of that fact.

       Our main products: CNC plasma & fiber laser cutting machine, H&I beam production line, T beam welding line, box column beam welding line,welding manipulator, welding positioner, welding turning roller (welding rotator), membrane pipe-panel production line,tube to tube welding machine, tube to sheet welding machine, shearing machine, press brake machine, hydraulic iron workers, CNC drilling machine, which are widely used in many industries like aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, chemical equipment, boiler pressure vessels, steel structure construction, etc.

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